Thursday, September 05, 2013

48 Hour Film Project Los Angeles

Once in a while, I have to make myself do something that scares me a little. So, I volunteered to be the art director on a friend's team for this competition.

Our genre and the required elements weren't revealed until the start of the 48 hour period. At first, we were like this:

As the hours disappeared, it began to feel like a few of us might need one or two of these:

But it all came together and we somehow managed to make a short film in only 48 hours. So then, we felt like this:

Our entry was chosen as one of the 23 "Best Of" (out of 132). 
 Air high-fives alla round!
 Even if it doesn't win anything, it was still a totally worthwhile experience.

EXTRA EXTRA Special thanks to Alex and the Bob Baker Marionette Theater ( for letting us invade for a few hours on a Saturday morning!!!!

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